On this airing of Your Money Matters, host, Jon Hansen is joined by Editor-in-Chief of The Balance, Kristin Myers, to discuss layoffs, how unemployment checks aren’t what they used to be, and what you should be doing after being laid off. She emphasized the importance of looking into your job’s health insurance policy, cutting back spending, and reevaluating your career path to see if it’s something you’d honestly want to continue, among other things!

After, Economy Reporter at Business Insider, Alcynna Lloyd, joined Jon to talk about the rising rates in the housing market and the type of buyer that will have the best time finding a home right now. Later, Alcynna addressed whether or not renting a home is better than buying one.

Later, Karmen Conrad, from the BMO Harris Marketing Department, spoke with him about how to come up with a financial plan in order to help increase savings for the future. Karmen went over possible savings motivators such as retirement, vacations, or a new home, among other things and then broke down how to use BMO Harris’ Savings Builder Account.