Segment 1: Tom Fortino, Founder and Principal, Alpha Wealth Group, joins John Williams to talk about why the market has been having a bad month, if he believes there are buying opportunities in the market right now, debt continuing to rise, the likelihood we will see inflation coming back, ongoing recession fears, and how we need to prepare for economic uncertainty.

Segment 2: Josh Rutherford, Co-Founder, 4 Star Restaurant Group, joins John to talk about celebrating 20 years of running his restaurant group in Chicago. Josh also talks about the possibility of the city abolishing the subminimum wage, and the challenges of running a restaurant business in Chicago.

Segment 3: Sara Odland-Beyna, Owner, Seniors Helping Seniors® Chicago Northwest, talks to John about their mission to help seniors maintain an independent lifestyle in their own homes for as long as possible.

Wintrust Business Lunch

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