Segment 1: John Bever, Financial Advisor, Phase 3 Advisory Services, joins guest hosts Steve & Johnnie to talk about the significant market drop, why the rapid rise in interest rates is causing the uncertainty, and when we might see a turnaround.

Segment 2: Sarah Freishtat, Chicago Tribune Reporter covering transportation, joins Steve & Johnnie to talk about a new study by J.D. Power that shows O’Hare and Midway ranking below average in passenger satisfaction.

Segment 3: Teresa Ging, Owner, Sugar Bliss, tells Steve & Johnnie about her business, the delicious products they offer and how inflation is impacting small business.

Segment 4: Jane Oates, President, WorkingNation, talks to Steve & Johnnie the current labor market, the reluctance of some people to return to in-person work, how employers need to be more flexible when treating employees, and if she’s optimistic about the labor market as we approach the end of the year.