Segment 1: Ilyce Glink, owner of Think Glink Media and Best Money Moves, joins Jon to talk about the stock market continuing to move in positive territory, the Fed’s plan to combat inflation by raising rates again, and why gas prices dropping could mean that inflation has peaked. Ilyce also tells us what you should know about flood insurance.

Segment 2: Chicago Inno‘s Senior Editor Jim Dallke tells Jon about the latest in startup innovation including a Chicago startup that is creating an ‘Airbnb for furniture,’ Chicago startup FranShares letting you invest in franchises, a Chicago pharma startup raising $30M, and how some smaller cities are seeing major growth in VC dollars.

Segment 3: Kimber Maderazzo, Chair of the C200 Board of Directors, a Chicago-based organization advancing women in business, tells Jon how leaders can help working moms who are looking for balance as their kids head back to school and what is important to women as they continue to reenter the workforce.