Wintrust Business Lunch 9/10/19: Improv Helping Social Justice, Ordinary People Change The World & The “Volfefe” Index

Wintrust Business Lunch

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Steve Bertrand, hosts the afternoon business program discussing a range of subjects from Apple’s product announcements impacting Wall Street to the latest additions of the Ordinary People Change The World children’s book series.

Segment 1: (At 0:00) Jon Najarian, Contributor at CNBC & Co-founder of Najarian Family Office, focused on the news surrounding Defense Secretary John Bolton and the Apple product announcement impacting Wall Street.

Segment 2: (At 8:10) Kelly Leonard, Host of Getting To Yes And…, reviewed his latest podcast with George Lipitz and stressing the importance of improvisation when facing social justice.

Segment 3: (At 12:45) Brad Meltzer, Author of The Ordinary People Change The World series, announced the latest additions to his children’s book series – shining spotlights on Walt Disney and Madam Curie.

Segment 4: (At 23:53) Amy Guth, Host of the Crain’s Daily Gist, learned about the new index that shows the impact of  President Trump’s tweets on Wall Street.

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