Segment 1: Jared Dillian, Best selling financial author, joins John Williams to talk about the price of education and why we need to really look at the economic viability of attending college.

Segment 2: CNET Editor at Large Ian Sherr chats with John about a variety of tech stories including Twitter testing out an edit button as well as a new ‘Circles’ feature, Google saying it has not yet approved Truth Social’s Play Store app due to insufficient content moderation, and SNAP laying off 20% of its employees.

Segment 3: Rebecca Ryan, Economist and Futurist, tells John why the numbers look good for the future of the labor market in the U.S.

Segment 4: Britney Nguyen, Business News Reporter, Insider, talks to John about California’s Senate passing a ‘fast food council’ law that could force McDonald’s, Starbucks, and other chains to raise wages up to $22 an hour.