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Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to talk about how companies can prepare for employee pushback if/when they announce return to office plans.

Segment 2: Tom Fortino, Founder and Principal, Alpha Wealth Group, joins John Williams to talk about the markets still reacting the Fed’s plan to combat inflation, job openings topping 11 million in July, and how the student loan debt relief will impact the economy.

Segment 3: Jay Rowell, Executive Director, HIRE360, tells John why HIRE360 was launched, and to explain why the trades are a viable and inspiring career path.

Segment 4: Neil Cox, CEO, Diana’s Bananas, talks to John about how long Diana’s has been in business, how they started as a booth at the Taste of Chicago, where they get their products, the growth that the company has seen over the years, and the simple formula that makes them so successful.