Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to discuss the concept of ‘quiet quitting.” Is this just a way for employees to set boundaries or do employers consider it to be ‘phoning it in.’

Segment 2: Philippe Weiss, President, Seyfarth at Work, talks to John about managers reporting confusion about how to manage time-off requests from their formerly remote workers.

Segment 3: Dennis Rodkinresidential real estate reporter for Crain’s, joins John to talk about a number of his recent stories including a startup where homeowners can rent out rooms they’re not using, Garrett Popcorn owners selling their Lake Forest home, local homes selling faster than ever, the Lake Forest house that Nancy Hughes, widow of filmmaker John Hughes, bought for $12 million in 2018, now being publicly listed, and a real estate startup betting that people will pay premium prices for partial ownership of prime properties.