Wintrust Business Lunch 8/20/19: Federal Reserve Strategy, Missed Vacation Days, & IL Culaccino in McCormick Square

Wintrust Business Lunch

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Steve Bertrand, hosts the afternoon business program discussing a range of subjects from the way the Federal Reserve is looking at the economy to the opening of IL Culaccino in McCormick Square.

Segment 1: (At 0:00) Jon Najarian, Contributor at CNBC & Co-Founder of Najarian Family Office, chimed in on the recession buzz coming from Wall Street and explained why he thinks the Federal Reserve needs to adjust their strategy with interest rates.

Segment 2: (At 7:56) Jamie Faulkner Mageau, Director of Research Products at The U.S. Travel Association, had vacation on the mind as she shared the results of the study that details 768 million vacation days were left on the table from last year which translates to $65 billion dollars in lost profit for the travel industry.

Segment 3: (At 13:14) Frank Ruffolo, Managing Partner at Franco’s Restaurant Group, shared his experience with the opening of his newest restaurant, IL Culaccino in McCormick Square (the growing neighborhood next to the South Loop).

Segment 4: (At 21:00) Amy Guth, Host of The Crain’s Daily Gist, looked at the new report coming from city hall about the alleged bullying from Mike Madigan’s office and other stories on today’s episode of The Daily Gist.


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