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Segment 1: Paul Nolte, Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Investment Management, joins John to talk about the weekly jobless claims coming down again, concerns about the Delta variant impacting the economy, and when we might see inflation finally coming down.

Segment 2: CNET Editor at Large Ian Sherr chats with John about a variety of tech stories including Mastercard removing magnetic strips from its cards starting in 2024, CES 2022 requiring proof of vaccination against COVID-19, Walmart looking to hire a digital currency, cryptocurrency product lead, and the likelihood we see esports being part of the Olympic games in the future.

Segment 3: Greg Hammer, Hammer Financial Group, tells John everything we should know about Social Security. What are some surprising Social Security stats that you would want the audience to know? What about rumors that Social Security will run out by 2035? Greg has the answers to all of your Social Security questions.

Segment 4: WGN reporter and Crain’s Daily Gist host Amy Guth gives us a round-up of the latest business stories including proposed fines for unruly passengers topping $1 million according to the FAA, pilots considering picketing over the holiday travel season to protest hotels, scheduling and food options, Chipotle testing plant-based chorizo, and Toys R Us partnering with Macy’s for the holiday shopping season.