Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to talk about the 24th anniversary of his business and what he’s learned over the last 24 years.

Segment 2: Steven Esposito, Executive Director, Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley, joins John to talk about the rally in cyclical companies, inflation starting to come down, and what he expects from the market moving into the fourth quarter.

Segment 3: Juliana Kaplan, Labor / Inequality reporter, Business Insider, tells John about workers who were forced to take time off because of COVID losing $28 billion in wages and how the Inflation Reduction Act could make your tax return come on time.

Segment 4: Ismat Mangla, Executive Editor,, tells John about a new survey that shows 67% of workers would rather stay with their current company if given new opportunities.