Segment 1: Steven Esposito, Executive Director, Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley, joins John to talk about why so few people are bullish on the stock market, if he believes some stocks are still overpriced, and why now is the opportunity to buy.

Segment 2: Joan E. SolsmanSenior ReporterCNET, chats with John about a variety of tech stories including Amazon declaring its latest Prime Day it’s biggest ever, Google slowing hiring, and Uber being sued by more than 550 women for sexual assault.

Segment 3: Kali Hays, Senior Tech Reporter, Insider, breaks down the latest Elon Musk / Twitter drama.

Segment 4: Martin Biallas, CEO of SEE GlobalEntertainment, tells John about the world premiere of a new interactive exhibit, Louvre Fantastique, which will allow patrons the opportunity to step into the world’s most famous art collection without ever stepping foot out of the country.