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Segment 1: Mark HamrickWashington Bureau Chief and Senior Economic Analyst for, joins John break down the weekly jobless claims, what we should expect from the April Jobs report tomorrow and the strength of the economy as the vaccine rollout continues.

Segment 2: CNET Editor at Large Ian Sherr chats with John about a variety of tech stories including Facebook’s independent Oversight Board upholding the platform’s suspension of former President Trump’s account.

Segment 3: Anish Michael, CEO, Firmspace, talks to John about the future of work post-COVID and why their new co-working space (opening May 10th) will help professionals maximize their productivity.

Segment 4: Elliot Richardson, Co-founder and President, Small Business Advocacy Council, talks to John about Small Business Week and why it’s important for people to remind Illinois policymakers how much help this small business sector needs to fully recover from the coronavirus pandemic.