Segment 1: Tom Fortino, Founder and Principal, Alpha Wealth Group, joins John Williams to talk about what’s moving the market today, and how the debt ceiling negotiations are moving along, and what he thinks the Fed is going to do with interest rates.

Segment 2: Bree FowlerSenior Writer, CNET, joins John to talk about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announcing his presidential run with Elon Musk on Twitter, and the US Surgeon General issuing an extraordinary public warning about the risks of social media to young people.

Segment 3: Chris (Bones) Pacelli, Owner, Al’s Beef, tells John about their history with the Italian beef sandwich, what constitutes a classic beef sandwich, the rich history of Al’s Beef, and why consistency is the key to their success.. This weekend, Chris will be giving away free sandwiches in honor of National Italian Beef Day at The Chicago Food Stop at 875 N. Michigan Avenue.

Segment 4: Evan Morris, Co-Founder, Phase Three Brewing Company in Lake Zurich, joins John to talk about how they started the business, how they managed business through the pandemic, the signature beer they are known for, and their plans for a second location in Elmhurst.