Segment 1: Phillip Shaw, Senior Advisor and Certified Financial Planner, Goldstone Financial Group, gives John an update on debt ceiling negotiations, what happens if an agreement isn’t reached, and how you should prepare for a possible economic turndown.

Segment 2: Bree FowlerSenior Writer, CNET, joins John to talk about the governor of Montana signing a bill to ban TikTok from operating inside the state, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testifying before a Senate Committee earlier this week, and Google saying it will begin deleting accounts that have not been used in at least two years as part of an effort to address security risks.

Segment 3: Christopher Zara, Editor, Fast Company, talks to John about a new survey that shows some surprising results about your tech habits.

Segment 4: Jason Lesniewicz, Director of Cultural Tourism, Choose Chicago, tells John about Go Live Chicago, a new initiative that encourages locals and visitors to experience all the incredible live theater, music, comedy, and dance performances that Chicago has to offer.