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Segment 1: Paul Nolte, Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Investment Management, joins John to talk about the market’s reaction to the April jobs report, the weekly jobless claims and the ongoing fears over inflation.

Segment 2: CNET Editor at Large Ian Sherr chats with John about a variety of tech stories including the ongoing battle between Apple and Fortnite, Facebook to test prompting you to read articles before sharing them and the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline.

Segment 3: Jason VandeBoom, Founder and CEO, ActiveCampaign, tells John about what ActiveCampaign does and a new survey that highlights Gen Z and millennials’ small business success over the past year.

WGN reporter and Crain’s Daily Gist host Amy Guth gives us a round-up of the latest business stories including the cryptocurrency market dropping about 11% after Elon Musk tweets Tesla will suspend taking crypto payments for Tesla vehicles, McDonald’s and Amazon hiring workers and the FAA approving a Boeing fix for jets grounded by electrical flaw.