Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to talk about their new survey on what the class of 2023 wants from a job and a company. Tom gives some tips for graduates on what they can be doing now to land a job.

Segment 2: Tom Fortino, Founder and Principal, Alpha Wealth Group, joins John Williams to talk about the price of oil and its impact on the market, the latest on the JOLTS report and the banking crisis, why the outlook for GDP growth is declining, and what he expects from earning reports coming out over the next few weeks

Segment 3: Dennis Rodkinresidential real estate reporter for Crain’s, joins John to talk about a number of his recent stories including a woman selling her ‘Playgirl party house‘ in a single day, and 8 million dollar condo for sale at the Tribune Tower, one of Brookfield’s historical rock houses being up for sale, and what the Chicago mayoral candidates told Crain’s about the real estate transfer tax.