Wintrust Business Lunch 4/27/19: Boeing 737 Max crisis, simplifications in the landlord-tenant process, Grubhub, and Hollywood!

Wintrust Business Lunch

Amy Guth

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To kick off the show, Amy Guth talks to Washington Post reporter, Aaron Greg about all the unknowns that remain in the Boeing 737 Max crisis, and the effect it is having on airlines. To read Aaron’s article click here. Next on the show Amy is joined with the CEO of Avail, Ryan Coon. Avail is a local property tech startup that simplifies the landlord-tenant process; they recently rebranded, and last week raised $2.5 million in another round of funding; he can discuss the role of tech in property and real estate, and why real estate is traditionally tech-averse. To learn more go to

On the Latter half of the show Amy chats with Crain’s reporter John Pletz. John wrote about Grubhub, the rise of its competition, and pushback from restaurants, and how they are planning to combat these problems this year. To read John’s article click here. To close out the show, Amy is joined with workplace reporter at New York Times, Noam Scheiber. Noam wrote about the ongoing battle in Hollywood between writers and agents, and the unexpected role that Wall Street is playing in it. To read Noam’s article click here.


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