Wintrust Business Lunch 4/2/20: Details on the Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund, Apple’s new cheaper iPhone 9 & remembering your local farmers during the COVID-19 Crisis

Wintrust Business Lunch

Ji Suk Yi hosts today’s edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch for Thursday, April 2nd.

Segment 1: (At 0:00) With skyrocketing unemployment claims and rallying oil prices, we check in with‘s Chief Financial Analyst Greg McBride

Segment 2: (At ) Ian Sherr, Editor at CNET, shares trending tech stories including more people are playing video games during “stay at home” mandates, Zoom is offering a way for businesses like restaurants to reach out to customers, what’s your Zoom background say about you, and Microsoft Office 365 is offering a “subscription for your life” by adding a suite of software in hopes to entice subscribers. Plus, Apple’s new cheaper iPhone 9 is rumored to be available soon. 

Segment 3: (At ) Peter Klein from Seedling Fruit shares how his 80 acre specialty farm has been impacted by COVID-19 from his planting and harvesting schedule, finding skilled workers, to the closure of farmers markets and restaurants affecting revenue and the outlook for the next months to come. 

Segment 4: (At ) Chief Small Business Officer Kenya Merritt offers insight into the Chicago Small Business Resiliency Fund which provides low-interest loans of up to $50,000 for a five-year term. At least 50% of the proceeds must be applied to payroll and a commitment to retaining employees. You can find out all the qualifications required for receiving a loan and the terms here: To sign up for the weekly webinar go here:

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