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Segment 1: Jason Turner, Chief Investment Strategist for Wintrust Wealth Management, joins John to talk about the ongoing concerns about inflation, retail sales rising in March, the weekly jobless claims also rising slightly, supply chain disruptions still causing trouble, and the S&P headed for another losing week.

Segment 2: Joan E. SolsmanSenior ReporterCNET, chats with John about a variety of tech stories including Elon Musk making an offer to buy Twitter, and Meta gunning to launch AR glasses by 2024.

Segment 3: Dale Buss, veteran financial journalist and founder and executive director of The Flyover Coalition, joins John to talk about the future of food inflation, agriculture expectations for this year, and what we should know about indoor agriculture.

Segment 4: Don Butler, Vice President of Kapital Electric, tells John about the growing electric vehicle and electric vehicle charger market, the increased interest in renewable energy, how solar power and electric vehicles go hand and hand, the government subsidies on solar energy, and some of the benefits of home charging stations.