Wintrust Business Lunch 4/1/20: Terry Savage breaks down who’s eligible for COVID-19 stimulus checks & frequently asked questions about COVID-19 from the Illinois Retail Merchants Association

Wintrust Business Lunch

Ji Suk Yi hosts today’s edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch for Wednesday, April 1st.

Ji Suk Yi for the Wintrust Business Lunch. (WGN Radio)

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Segment 1: (At 0:00) April 1st means the first quarter of the new decade is officially over. The quarter saw the Dow and S&P 500 register their worst Q1 ever due to fallout from the coronavirus pandemic. Terry Savage, an expert on personal finance, the markets and the economy, joins Wintrust Business Lunch weekly to answer listeners’ questions. Her weekly column is syndicated by Tribune Content Agency and can also be found at along with other resources. Today’s questions centered around the market, stimulus checks and unemployment compensation. Also, the first of the month means rents and mortgage payments are due. Savage discusses some remedies for those that cannot pay due to COVID-19 layoffs. 

Segment 2: (At 27:55) President and CEO of Illinois Retail Merchants Association, Robert Karr, discusses the effect of COVID-19 on the retail industry and reassures us that there is plenty of supply of goods and groceries and offers recommendations on how to shop at the grocery safely. IRMA benefits Illinois retailing through effective management with retailers, the general public, policy makers, media regarding impact legislation and regulatory proposals will have the success of retail operations. 

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