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Segment 1: (At 0:00) Terry Savage, an expert on personal finance, the markets and the economy, joins Wintrust Business Lunch to share her assessment of the market’s positive reactions to the federal stimulus package. The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared over 2,000 points Tuesday, the largest one-day percentage jump since March 1933, which left many wondering if that marked the bottom and it’s time to jump back in! Savage dispenses her wise advice and what the stimulus package could mean for the economy and you. Savage’s weekly column is syndicated by Tribune Content Agency and can also be found at along with other resources, including an “Ask Terry” link

Segment 2: (At 18:04) According to research by Chicago Sun-Times’ Tom Schuba, currently 6 Chicago dispensaries are only providing medicinal cannabis, 5 city dispensaries are taking preorders for recreational cannabis and 1 is completely closed during the “stay at home” order by the Governor. Medical and recreational dispensaries were deemed “essential” businesses and most are open. Chief Communication Officer at Cresco Labs, Jason Erkes, joined the show to discuss the steps their stores (5 total in Illinois, including 1 retail store in the city’s Lakeview neighborhood) are taking to keep customers and workers safe while supplying both medical and recreational customers. 

Segment 3: (At 26:15) President, CEO and General Director of the Lyric Opera of ChicagoAnthony Freud, highlights how the opera is one example of the overall impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the arts in Chicago. The Lyric canceled Wagner’s RING cycle at a total cost estimated at $15 – $20 million. Despite this massive loss, they are keeping artists and staff top of mind. Instead of layoffs, they collaborated with all of the opera’s artist unions on a resolution to support everyone in some capacity, including members voting unanimously to take a pay cut to support freelance musicians.