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Segment 1: Greg McBride, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst, Bankrate, chats with John about yesterday’s announcement from the Fed about interest rates and the safety of the U.S. banking system. Will there be another rate hike down the road?

Segment 2: Rebecca Ryan, Economist and Futurist, tells John about the launch of the “Work Better Project,” which will explore the future of work and offices in a post-COVID world. What can be done to revitalize downtown business districts?

Segment 3: Dan Facchini, Managing Director at Innovation DuPage, joins John to talk about what Innovation DuPage does, how they help entrepreneurs and other businesses, the types of businesses they help, the different types of businesses that walk through their door, and why they choose to be industry agnostic. Also joining the conversation are Ilya Sagalovich, Founder at Havenshine and Marty Leamy, Innovation DuPage Advisor and Strategic Advisor at Havenshine. Ilya tells John about how Innovation DuPage is helping with their autonomous lawnmowers.