Segment 1: Ilyce Glink, owner of Think Glink Media and Best Money Moves, joins John to talk about the ongoing concern over regional banks after the SVB failure, The Fed having SVB under “review” for a year because of their capital practices, and the anticipation over the Fed announcement later this week.

Segment 2: Jim Dallke, National Editor, American Inno, talks to John about Rod Blagojevich’s Cameo success, how the SVB failure has impacted the startup scene across the globe, and the health of the startup ecosystem moving forward.

Segment 3: Meghan Harte, Executive Director of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) in Chicago, the mission of LISC, how they help revitalize neighborhoods through investment, the challenge of securing loans for some small business, and how they have been able to help many businesses on the south and west sides of Chicago.