Segment 1: Jason Turner, Chief Investment Strategist for Wintrust Wealth Management, joins John to talk about the concern regarding Silicon Valley Bank, and the U.S. banking system, the Fed resuming its fight against inflation, the likelihood we see inflation continue to fall, and where we should be putting our money right now.

Segment 2: Dale Buss, veteran financial journalist and founder and executive director of The Flyover Coalition, joins John to talk about how the crisis with Silicon Valley Bank is a good opportunity for states in flyover country

Segment 3: Adam Elias, CEO, WhirlyBall, joins John to talk about all the fun you can have playing WhirlyBall (celebrating 30 years!), why it’s perfect for corporate team building or a night out, how they also provide a full entertainment mecca including laser tag and a private meeting place, and their plans for expansion down the road.