Segment 1: Mark HamrickWashington Bureau Chief and Senior Economic Analyst for, joins John to talk about recent bank failures and what that means for the economy moving forward. Mark also breaks down Friday’s jobs numbers and what a robust job market means for the Fed announcement later this month.

Segment 2: Nationally syndicated financial columnist and author Terry Savage joins John to answer all of your questions regarding the multiple bank collapses that have occurred over the last few days.

Segment 3: Jim Dallke, National Editor, American Inno, tells John about the unique relationship Silicon Valley Banks had with startups and how the news of their failure left startup CEOs scrambling over the weekend.

Segment 4: Elliot Richardson, Co-founder and President, Small Business Advocacy Council, talks to John about what the next mayor of Chicago needs to do in order to better serve the many small businesses in Chicago.