Wintrust Business Lunch 2/26/20: Skills for Chicagoland's Future President and CEO Marie Trzupek Lynch, Financial Inspirer Sara Samuels, & The Continued Impact Of The Coronavirus On The Financial Markets

Wintrust Business Lunch

PHOTO: WGN Radio’s Ji Suk Yi along with Sara Samuels, wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. (WGN Radio/Jasmine Cooper)

Ji Suk Yi hosts today’s edition of the Wintrust Business Lunch for Wednesday, February 26th.

Segment 1: (At 0:00) Paul Nolte, SVP & Sr. Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Asset Management, shares his assessment on the tumultuous week so far in the markets and his recommendations to his clients.

Segment 2: (At 4:54) Skills for Chicagoland’s Future President and CEO Marie Trzupek Lynch discusses their mission to create innovative, demand-driven workforce solutions in a way that creates opportunities to increase economic mobility for Chicagoland area residents and get the unemployed back to work. Lynch looks at employment trends over the past decade in Chicago’s economy, what the job landscape looks like now and what the future will bring.

Segment 3: (At 15:44) Moody’s Investor Service slashed its global vehicle sales forecast– to 2.5% in 2020 instead of a 0.9% drop previously expected. Industry analyst and journalist Paul Brian shared his insight on the coronavirus epidemic’s effect on automotive supply chains. Brian cohosts “His Turn-Her Turn“– a video series on new car reviews on YouTube.

Segment 4: (At 23:09) Sara Samuels is a former attorney turned wealth management advisor with Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company. She calls herself a financial inspirer and hopes to empower clients by aligning intentions with meaningful actions to reduce economic vulnerability and build enough wealth to live their very best lives.

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