Segment 1: Ilyce Glink, owner of Think Glink Media and Best Money Moves, joins John to talk about the amount of people continuing to work remotely, the latest on the Sam Bankman-Fried saga, and how 1 in 12 mortgaged homes bought in 2022 are now underwater.

Segment 2: Chicago Inno‘s Senior Editor Jim Dallke tells John about the latest in startup innovation including a Chicago startup bringing its tech to space, helping astronauts on a SpaceX flight with medical training, a Chicago battery startup landing a Department of Defense contract to build a factory in the West Loop, and 1871 launching a program for weed entrepreneurs.

Segment 3: Serge Khalimsky, Senior General Manager, Westfield Old Orchard Mall, tells John why he believes there is a brick and mortar shopping renaissance happening, the amount of people heading out to the mall this holiday season, the mall seeing a more knowledgeable consumer, the news things that are happening at Old Orchard, the newer shops that have opened at the mall, and how the mall provides much more than shopping.