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 Segment 1: Paul Nolte, Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Investment Management, joins John to talk about the volatility in the stock market, and if he believes it’s time to finally get rid of the word, “transitory” when it comes to inflation.

Segment 2: Ted Rossman, Senior Industry Analyst,, tells John about the retail sales figures for November, why he is not too concerned that retail sales slowed a bit, and how the rise in the omicron variant is impacting retail sales for the holiday season. Ted also talks about a new survey that shows 44% of people who extended financial assistance to friends and family suffered consequences.

Segment 3: The CEO and President of Wintrust BankEd Wehmer, joins John to talk about how the banking business is going, what is driving their success, and the incredible thing he and Wintrust are doing to support Pastor Corey Brooks and his effort to combat violence in his community.

Segment 4: Maureen Schulman and Marc Schulman, president of Eli’s Cheesecake, joins John to talk about the Eli’s Cheesecake Cookbook, which would make a great gift for the holiday season! And if you want to order an Eli’s Cheesecake for Christmas you can order here.