Segment 1: Craig Bolanos, Co-Founder and CEO of Wealth Management Group, joins to talk about investors settling down, if he believes there are more interest rate hikes in the future, consumers still spending money, his forecast for holiday spending, the latest consumer sentiment survey showing inflation expectation increasing, and the big takeaways from earnings season.

Segment 2: Jodi Zombolo, Associate VP, Visitor Events and Programs, Chicago Botanic Garden, tells John everything we should know about this year’s Lightscape event!

Segment 3: Michelle Hoffmann, Executive Director, Chicago Biomedical Consortium, joins John to talk about the work the Chicago Biomedical Consortium does, the mission to build more biotech in Chicago, the new $10.4 million investment from the federal government to help discoveries by Chicago’s medical scientists, the type of innovations that are coming out of the Chicago universities, and what this means for the biotech industry in Chicago.

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