Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to talk about what professionals and leaders should be doing to get prepared for 2024.

Segment 2: Philippe Weiss, President, Seyfarth at Work, talks to John about recent Chicago legislation that will require businesses to provide 10 days paid leave and the current trend of reshaping the narrative around days-off.

Segment 3: Jim Dallke, National Editor, American Inno, talks to John about Chicago ranking 11th in the country in terms of AI patent activity, Deloitte releasing its fastest growing tech companies list that features several Chicago firms, and a logistics startup that is using AI to tap into warehouse security cam footage to make operations run smoother raising $1.1M.

Segment 4: Yuval Degani, Founder and CEO, Dream Town Realty, tells John about how their company stands out from others, how many offices they have in the Chicago area, the ups and down of the real estate industry, his outlook for 2024, and the company earning the No. 1 ranking among midsize employers on the Tribune’s 2023 list of Top Workplaces.

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