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Segment 1: Tom Gimbel, founder and CEO of LaSalle Network, joins John to preview Friday’s September jobs report. Is the labor market ready to bounce back?

Segment 2: Philippe Weiss, President, Seyfarth at Work, tells John about a new worker Heat Illness Initiative announced by President Biden that has been impacting some companies. What can companies do to make sure their employees are working safely and comfortably?

Segment 3: Dave Harvey, Vice President of Southwest Business, talks to John about how the airline business has been the last couple of months as they navigate through the pandemic, how he expects business travel to pick up in 2022, and how the push to get people vaccinated will help airline travel pick up for the holidays.

Segment 4: WGN Reporter and Crain’s Daily Gist host Amy Guth gives us a round-up of the latest business stories including Facebook blaming “faulty configuration change” for its massive outage yesterday, Target paying workers an extra $2 per hour on peaks days of holiday shopping season, and Best Buy saying hard to find holiday items are perks of a new membership program.