Segment 1: Paul Nolte, Portfolio Manager at Kingsview Investment Management, joins John to talk about the U.S. GDP increasing, the markets reacting positively to the GDP number, big tech companies reporting earning declines, how that has been impacting the economy, and how the market traditionally performs in October.

Segment 2: Joan E. SolsmanSenior ReporterCNET, chats with John about a variety of tech stories including the latest financials from Silicon Valley’s giants are sending troubling signs about the economy, and Elon Musk’s Twitter purchase facing a crucial deadline.

Segment 3: Dale Buss, veteran financial journalist and founder and executive director of The Flyover Coalition, joins John to talk about the McDonald’s CEO’s comments earlier this year about crime in Chicago and what it means in a broader sense for businesses in the city.

Segment 4: Beth Sweeney, Marketing Coordinator, Catch 35 Chicago / Naperville, joins John to talk about some of the fall favorites, the new smoked dishes they serve, how every Monday you can get half off your bottle of wine, and how they support the community in Naperville.