Segment 1: Ilyce Glink, owner of Think Glink Media and Best Money Moves, joins John to talk about the stock market having its best week since March 2020, the continuing concerns about a possible recession, the amount of Americans that are living paycheck-to-paycheck, how many people applied to receive student loan debt relief, and the housing market hitting the skids.

Segment 2: Chicago Inno‘s Senior Editor Jim Dallke tells John about the latest in startup innovation including GrubHub bringing robot food delivery to Chicago campuses, Chicago startups working to bring innovation to the trucking industry, co-working space Workbox investing in workplace innovation, and Chicago startup Stemloop landing funding to make drinking water cleaner.

Segment 3: Bob Bland, Founder and CEO of, joins John to talk about why you might need life insurance, the affordability of life insurance right now, why now is a great to shop for all types of life insurance, and the difference between whole life insurance and term life insurance.