Segment 1: Jason Turner, Chief Investment Strategist for Wintrust Wealth Management, joins John to talk about Fed Chairman Powell’s comments today regarding the battle against inflation, how the market is reacting to Powell’s remarks, and the importance of Tesla to the economy.

Segment 2: Bree FowlerSenior Writer, CNET, joins John to discuss a variety of stories including Netflix raising prices for some of its customers, and Tesla’s profits slumping in the third quarter.

Segment 3: David Block, Director of Development, Evergreen Real Estate Group, joins John to talk about their business building housing for those that are not well-served by the current market.

Segment 4: Eric Skubish, director of retail brands, Bobak’s Sausage Company, tells John about their line of products, the rich history in Chicago, how they are reimagining their brand, why they decided to lower retail prices, and where you can find their sausages.

Wintrust Business Lunch

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