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Segment 1: Harry Kraemer, professor at Kellogg School of Management and former CEO of Baxter joins guest host Ilyce Glink to discuss due diligence and the startup company practice of “fake it ’til you make it.”

Segment 2: Chris Orestis, CSA, president of Retirement Genius, chats with Ilyce about the start of open enrollment for this season and matching the right health insurance plan for you.

Segment 3: Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, Co-Founder and CEO of springfour, tells Ilyce about this unique company that has vetted over 20,000 resources allowing people regain financial control of their lives.

Segment 4: Anita Kramer, Senior Vice President of the Urban Land Institute’s Center for Real Estate Economics and Capital Markets, shares a recent survey by the company discussing the emerging trends in real estate.