Segment 1: Tobias Burns, Economics Reporter, The Hill, tells John what we should takeaway from today’s CPI data, if the data means we are likely to see another pause in rate hikes, how the House Speaker race is impacting the economy, and what we can expect from the markets in the coming weeks.

Segment 2: Bree FowlerSenior Writer, CNET, joins John to discuss a variety of stories including Elon Musk’s social media platform X removing hundreds of Hamas-linked accounts since the militant group’s attack on Israel, a federal judge hearing arguments in a case filed by TikTok and five Montana content creators who want the court to block the state’s ban on the video sharing app before it takes effect Jan. 1, and the proposed legislation in New York that would restrict the way online platforms like Instagram and YouTube can collect and share children’s personal information.

Segment 3: Louis Alexakis, Founding Partner, Avli, tells John about the type of comforting, authentic Greek food they serve, why they have partnered with Dom’s Market and American Airlines, their recent expansion into Milwaukee, how many locations they have in the Chicago area, and the best things to order on the menu.

Segment 4: Ted Senior industry analyst, joins John to talk about Black Friday deals coming early this year and why he argues this is a good way to shop around for the best deals. So, should we expect a robust holiday season this year?

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