Segment 1: Max Rinn, Senior Planning Advisor, Goldstone Financial Group, tells John why all eyes are on the CPI data being released later this week, how rising prices are impacting people on a fixed income, the likelihood we see a recession, the importance of having a diverse portfolio in these economic times.

Segment 2: Steve Cohen, Co-Founder, Chicago Media Project, tells John about the focus of their documentary films, what we should know about the films they have been involved in, and their upcoming celebration to mark 10 years as a nationwide leader in the impact-driven documentary space. The event will feature actress Geena Davis and performance by singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan. More information available here.

Segment 3: Dennis Rodkinresidential real estate reporter for Crain’s, joins John to talk about the accuracy of Zillow’s Zestimates, mortgage rates are worrying homebuyers more than prices, and the latest on the Justin Ishbia saga.

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