Segment 1: WGN Business reporter Steve Alexander gives us a brief market update and the top business headlines of the day.

Segment 2: Joan E. SolsmanSenior ReporterCNET, chats with John about a variety of tech stories including people that are bent on spoiling the daily game phenom Wordle, Google being sued over location data, Neil Young pulling his music from Spotify in protest of the popular Joe Rogan podcast, and the SAT going digital.

Segment 3: Dave Masa, Co-founder, Radon Reduction Systems, tells John about Radon Awareness Week, what we need to know about radon, why it’s important to test your home for radon, how often we should do a radon test, how unsafe levels of radon in your home could lead to lung cancer, and how you mitigate radon in your house.

Segment 4: WGN reporter and Crain’s Daily Gist host Amy Guth gives us a round-up of the latest business stories including Rivian resuming production at its downstate Normal plant and U.S. rent prices rising sharply in 2021.