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Segment 1: Steven Esposito, Executive Director, Wealth Advisor, Senior Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley, joins John to talk about the volatile stock market this week, the rotation that is happening right now, retail sales dropping in December, supply chain constraints continuing, his thoughts on when we might see inflation come down, and why he believes the economy is going to be strong in 2022.

Segment 2: Tax attorney Steven Leahy tells John what we need to know about your taxes if you use payment apps like Venmo or Cash App.

Segment 3: Barry Sorkin, owner, Smoque BBQ, joins John to talk about his goal of bringing great barbecue to Chicago, bringing together a number of different styles of barbecue to create something entirely unique and delicious, how they have been able to run their business amid the pandemic, and how they will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this weekend.