Segment 1: John Bever, Financial Advisor, Phase 3 Advisory Services, joins John to talk about why he thinks we may see a ‘slowcession’ on the horizon, how a ‘slowcession’ could provide a good opportunity to invest in the market, if Twitter is hurting Tesla’s stock price, how inflation is easing while employment remains strong, and what he would advise someone who has $100,000 invest.

Segment 2: Allison Sparks, Head of Marketing, Shameless Pets, joins John to talk about the Chicago-based business that uses unwanted human food and upcycles it into dog and cat treats.

Segment 3: CD Young, Owner/CEO, Spirit Elephant Restaurant, tells John about her incredible vegan restaurant in Winnetka, their two fast-casual vegan restaurants in Evanston and Lincoln Park, the popularity of ‘Veganuary,’ and why it’s a good time to be vegan.