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Segment 1: John Bever, Financial Advisor, Phase 3 Advisory Services, joins John to talk about the current state of the labor market, how wages aren’t keeping up with inflation, why he believes the Fed is between a rock and hard place, and where he believes the markets will go in 2022.

Segment 2: Laura Huatala, Senior Writer, CNET, chats with John about a variety of tech stories including how much time we are spending looking at our mobile phones, the amount of misinformation on YouTube and what is being done to combat it, and the social pressures that are popping up with Apple’s messaging service.

Segment 3: Dale Buss, veteran financial journalist and founder and executive director of The Flyover Coalition, joins John to talk about the latest news coming out the alternative milk arena.

Segment 4: WGN reporter and Crain’s Daily Gist host Amy Guth gives us a round-up of the latest business stories including wholesale prices jumping a record 9.7% in 2021, Walgreens confirming it is exploring a sale of Boots, QR code criminal activity rising, and a Chicago crypto startup Zero Hash raising $105 million.