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Segment 1: Steven Esposito, President of Yellowstone Wealth Management in Lake Forest, talks to John about the consumer price data that shows inflation may be retreating, how the market is reacting to the data, and why he’s excited about the future of the market.

Segment 2: Joan E. SolsmanSenior ReporterCNET, tells John about HBO Max hiking prices, what happened with the FAA outage, Twitter reportedly discussing auctioning off usernames, and Microsoft researchers revealing new text-to-speech AI model called VALL-E that can closely simulate a person’s voice with just a three-second audio sample.

Segment 3: Juliana Kaplan, Labor / Inequality reporter, Business Insider, tells John why the next recession might hit the wealthy more.  

Segment 4: Keith Ogulnick, Show Manager, Discover Boating Chicago Boat Show, talks to John about the return of the beloved Chicago Boat Show after a two year hiatus!