The Wintrust Business Lunch: Terry Savage, Jon, Kolssak, Chris Van Allsburg, and Scott Kleinberg

Wintrust Business Lunch

Steve Bertrand, Lisa Wolf (Dave Marzullo / WGN Radio)

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It’s almost Christmas!  So if you’ve still got some last minute shopping to do, put your ear-phones on and hit that play button to tune in to this episode of The Wintrust Business Lunch!  Terry Savage kicks off the show with a wrap up of this year’s markets and take a look at the top10 stocks of 2015.

Then, Jon Kolssak of the Kolssak Funeral Home talks about why he’ll start serving beer at funerals.  Sometimes, it’s more about celebrating a life rather than mourning a death.  Tune in for Jon’s interview with Steve.

Next, best-selling author Chris Van Allsburg joins Steve to talk about the 30th anniversary of his famous Holiday book, The Polar Express.  Find out what inspired Chris to write the book!

Later, Scott Kleinberg – Social Media Expert at the Chicago Tribune – talks about why you can look forward to hearing the entire Beatles catalog on your favorite streaming service.  Scott also takes a look at Kim Kardashian’s new app for Emojis.  All that and more on this episode of the Wintrust Business Lunch!

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