The Wintrust Business Lunch: Philippe Weiss, David Tretter, Molly Jacobson, and Vivienne Sze

Wintrust Business Lunch

2015 Walk of Fame Inductee, Steve Bertrand. (Kristin Decker/WGN Radio)

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Fail often so you can succeed sooner.

– Tom Kelley

Happy President’s Day everyone!  Enjoy your day off with this packed episode of the Wintrust Business Lunch.

Philippe Weiss, Managing Director at Seyfarth Shaw, starts this show with a post-Valentine’s Day look at workplace romances.  Sure, that special someone might be working right across from you, but is the risk worth the reward? Philippe joins us to break it all down.

Alright, that’s enough about Valentine’s Day. We’re switching gears to talk about education. David Tretter, the President of the Federation of Independent Illinois Colleges and Universities, takes a look at why so many state schools are facing closure. If you’re an Illinois resident, it might actually be better to send your kids to an out-of-state university.

Later, we’ve got Molly Jacobson on to discuss how you can perfect your marketing strategy … by not really marketing at all. Well, okay, it’s admittedly a little more complicated than that, but Molly’s unconventional advice can definitely save you a lot of money and time. Molly is the owner of Jacobson Strategy, a national marketing and public relations firm headquartered in Tampa Bay.

We’re wrapping this one up with Vivienne Sze; she’s a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT. She joins Steve to talk about the robot takeover that we’ve all been dreading.  Just kidding – we’ll, sort of – Vivienne’s working on a new chip that can ‘think’ for itself.  It’s called Eyeriss and it might be coming to your mobile phones in the near future. We knew that you were just waiting for a segment that you could pair with the Terminator theme.  Well, this is it.  We’ve got all that and more on this episode of the Wintrust Business Lunch!

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