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“There are no mistakes, only opportunities.”

—Tina Fey

Hey there folks!  Welcome back to the Wintrust Business Lunch.  Jon Najarian kicks off today’s show with the latest on the markets and your stock tip of the week.

Then, Andrew Herrmann of DNAinfo Chicago joins Steve to talk about how a local businessman is trying to open up Chicago’s first gun shop.  The idea is to model the gun shop, which would be located in River West, off of an Apple store.  Yeah, we’ve got questions too – Andrew takes a look.

Okay, so we know that you all really enjoyed the latest Star Wars film.  One of the lead characters in the new film is a female (no spoilers there, if you’ve seen a poster or a trailer of the film – then you know this!). That’s what got us wondering, why aren’t there that many female science fiction writers out there?  Well, Suzanne Muchin of WGN’s The Big Payoff comes on the show to help us understand why that industry is so one-sided when it comes to gender.

Later, Katie Fitzpatrick of the Chicagoland Chamber wraps up the show by talking about her organization’s new survey of small businesses.  Katie breaks down the results of the survey; she’ll take a look at how the majority of small businesses in the area are responding to state taxes, municipal policies, and short-term expansion.  All that and more on this episode of the Wintrust Business Lunch!