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EL Bandido Yankee launch event on red carpet with Jim Bob Morris, Nick Lowery, Bonner Bolton and EBY Team

El Bandido Yankee Tequila co-founders Chris Chelios and Jim Bob Morris join WGN Radio’s John Williams on the Wintrust Business Lunch. Hear as John learns about the inspiration and origins of the business and the journey from an idea to shelves on stores in the city. Listen as Jim Bob and Chris share the excitement of the Chicago launch event and how great it was to celebrate with the friends, fans, the band St. Lucia and business partners like Breakthrough that make it all possible. Jim Bob fills us in on the design and inspiration for logo, groundbreaking female distiller, connection to the region where its made and the EL Bandido Yankee slogan “So Smooth it’s Criminal”. Hear as John and Chris talk about favorite ways to enjoy the tequilas as well as where you can buy and how to ask your local store, bar or restaurant to bring it in and “Break Out The Bandido”. For more information on the founders, spirits, process and more be sure to check out