Segment 1: Ilyce Glink, owner of Think Glink Media and Best Money Moves, joins Anna Davlantes in for John Williams to talk about home sales getting canceled at the highest rate since the start of the pandemic, how much money it takes to be considered ‘financially comfortable’ in the U.S. and the unemployment rate for Black women falling in June.

Segment 2: Michael Grant is the Calamos Investments Co-Chief Investment Officer, Head of Long/Short Strategies, and Senior Co-Portfolio Manager. He joined Anna Davlantes, filling in for John Williams, to share observations on the Federal Reserve as a portfolio manager. Michael also talks about the tech sector of stocks and how to maximize earnings and cash flow, consumer spending, and more.

Segment 3: Lake County States Attorney Eric Rinehart joins Anna Davlantes in for John Williams to shed some light on where Highland Park and Lake County are in the healing process as a community. Listen in while Eric gives more information on the where the investigation is at in the process and Eric shares his thoughts on why there should be an assault weapon ban.