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Kim Bellware of The Huffington Post joins Amy Guth to discuss a  story she wrote about a Syrian refugee family directly  affected by Trump’s Immigration Ban and how families dreams were put on hold with the stroke of a pen.

DePaul University Political Science Professor Ben Epstein then talks with Amy and  discusses the need for  good information and truth in relation to understanding  the Executive Order on immigration. They also discuss the Executive Order in a historical context, and  also break down the issue of fake news , social media politics and encourage listeners to consult multiple news sources to make well-informed opinions.  They also preview what is next for the future of the Exectuive Orderr and talk about smarter protesters and how politics is discussed in the classroom.

To close the show, Private Practice Attorney for Harris Immigration Law and Executive Board Member to the American Immigration Lawyers Association, (AILA) Chicago Chapter, Kristen Harris, joins Amy to break down the legal angle of the Executive Order on immigration. They discuss the legal issues surrounding the implementation of the order, how it is affecting both immigrants from and not from the 7 identified countries, and its impact on  Chicago in respect to sanctuary cities and DACA.