The Garry Meier Full Show 4/21/2014

WGN Radio
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Garry broadcasting directly from the Allstate studio about the past weekends festivities. Garry talks about going to Easter mass. The conversation continues with discussing the proper attire one most wear to mass and when going on professional interviews. Garry talks about the story over a weekend when a 16-year-old Santa Clara boy is “lucky to be alive” after he ran away from home, clandestinely scaled a fence at Mineta San Jose International Airport, and hid inside the wheel well of a plane flying from California to Hawaii in a case that has shone a harsh spotlight on airport security beyond the terminals. This story led a conversation on airport security. Later in the show, Garry talks about Chicago crime and what the core issues are. On a positive note, Garry talks about fun Chicago sports events! Lastly, Garry and Tom talk about the local weather.




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